Let's sit down.

I'm taking this to him.


The new system comes into force from next month.

It's a conspiracy.

My father died when I was seven.

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He was given a book by me.

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I think I found something.

You seem a little nervous.

Are you accusing us?

Everyone was bustling about.

Thank you very much for all you have done.

We'll have to pull an all-nighter.

We have to cut down our monthly expenses.

Tait is in the hospital right now.

I owe you a beer.

I have never had sincere friendships.

Add the flour and baking powder, then the butter and leftover milk; let stand for 15 min.


As time goes on, China's economy gets stronger and stronger.

They probably won't do what we ask.

But say, "O my Lord! advance me in knowledge."

"Are there no cakes left?" "I ate them both."

You broke your leg.


Stephe used to go to school with Kelly.


Where did I put that box?

I understand what you're trying to say.

Don't cry before you're hurt.

She devoted all her spare time to fishing.

Come back next week and the clothing will be ready.

That looks like her.

You think I'm bluffing, don't you?

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A person can't be taught anything - he/she can learn only him/herself.


Whether he studies or goes into business, I won't stop him.

You have a lot of money, and I have none.

Claudia is wearing a very expensive necklace.

Is this a local train?

"Give me your soul", said the evil.


In the beginning God created the heauen and the earth.

The heart and mystery of his philosophy was, to look upon the world as a gigantic practical joke; as something too absurd to be considered seriously, by any rational man.

I want Annie to know what really happened.

Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans ten years ago.

Do you have any preference between beef and lamb?


Conrad couldn't have done it without you.

Was Yvonne happy doing that?

Dalton took a picture of the cows.

Loren read the note again.

Just a moment. Let him finish.


I'd say we are definitely in for some bad weather.


Ronni reached out his hand.

The situation became worse by the minute.

How many beers did you have, Dennis?

Did you arrest them?

My mother gave me a sewing machine.


You are incredibly naive.


They assigned the task to us.

I hope that's enough.

Phosphorus provides nourishment for cyanobacteria (blue algae) which multiply and release toxins.

Police failed to produce physical evidence.

Ecosystems are degrading rapidly all around the Earth.

Why should I pay?

We should leave quietly.

Religious belief predominates in this region.

I'll apologize to them.


When's the big day?

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It might take years.

Please do your best.

He was ablaze with anger.

Napoleon lived in exile on the island of Elba.

I don't wholly agree with you.

It seems that Italians are prone to suffer from exclusive ailments that have no names in other cultures.

Watch what everyone does and do the opposite.

Balance of payments is total of all the money coming into a country from abroad less all of the money going out of the country during the same period.

The dog was chained to the post.

I like your body.

My roommate is too talkative.

She agreed with him about the holiday plan.

She missed the last train.


He didn't want to disappoint his father.


Did you speak with him?

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Here come the boys.

Winston won the thumb-wrestling competition.

Usually the id and name attributes have the same value applied. (N.B. Not because it matters if they differ but just as a matter of convenience.)

Did you do that intentionally?

It was silly of you to make such a mistake.

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I'm not as old as most people think I am.


The ship is about to sail for Manila tomorrow.


Ecology is very important to keep our world safe.

She arrived too early.

What on earth?

How much is the kilo of leek?

I am Hungary-born.


His success is the result of many years of perseverance.

I shoveled snow all morning.

I met him at the barber's.


Sedovic had a fight with Neal.


What's happening next week?


Even today, the temperature is below zero.

He thought about everything.

Won't you speak more slowly?

It was nice of you to buy Murray such a nice gift.

The greatest pleasure I know is to do a good action by stealth and have it found out by accident.

I bought Nguyen's new novel.

What have you ever done for us?

I've accepted Herman's resignation.

I participated in that English specch contest.

Darren wasn't wearing a life jacket.

Let us go home.

Compassion is alien to them.

Jesus spoke calmly.


Maybe we can talk to them.


I wish I could explain it better.

I don't think that counts.

Perry wondered who Kristin was planning to vote for.

This is a bad time for me to talk.

Wishing you a magical and memorable Christmas!


Cut it in half.

She doesn't like me.

I have three million dollars.

Jem disappeared without leaving a trace.

My father worked hard night and day.

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Maybe you can't hear me?

We don't add articles to our blog.

Where were the police?

A good theory is characterized by the fact that it makes a number of predictions that could in principle be disproved or falsified by observation.

Since you're going to the dorm, can you tell Erkin to come over here?

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Didn't I tell you to clean your room?


Your story only confirms my suspicions about your bad behavior.


The elderly man takes strong drugs for his heart.


The snow has accumulated knee-deep in Boston.


Yes, I think you ought to go.

Don't your neighbors ever complain?

We saw an old hut standing at the margin of the forest.


I told Himawan that he had to take his studies more seriously.

You work too much.

You're a serial killer.

Give me a break, please.

She promised to meet her at the coffee shop.

Dan welcomed Matt into the family.

I will endure.

Don't expose it to the rain!

Directly he saw me, he ran away.

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Have you got over the shock?

I'm kind of on the job.

The patient's descriptions of her family are vivid, but very cynical.

She didn't give me my money back.

I just heard another explosion.

Dion thought that Piercarlo would do that right thing.

He had already edited it by the time it came across my desk.

I wasn't asking for your opinion.

I was compelled to do this against my will.

She was coming down the stairs.

What ideas do you have?

I don't think I'm narrow-minded.

This tipping business always makes us uneasy.

Kitty has missed this.

Elsa said he would do his homework by himself.

Is it all there?

I saw a woman who I thought was Dirk's mother.

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I'm not going to skate today.


They went on a trip a few days ago.

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Edith Jackson lost the election.